How does stem cell therapy cure hair loss?

Everyone knows that damaged hair or hair loss is a huge depressant for some. There is no doubt the fear of losing your hair keeps haunting you every day. But you need not worry anymore, with the advent of modern technologies, you have the luxury of a number of treatments for hair loss and hair transplant is one of them.

When considering about hair growth treatments, Stem Cell Therapy is one such process considered a lot for hair loss. This non-surgical treatment is exceptionally effective. It is a treatment to invigorate and regrow hair follicles. In this treatment, stem cells present at the follicle ensures the continuous supply of new cells.  Therefore, it helps in duplicating hair cells on a quick pace that helps in treating baldness or hair loss.

In this blog, we will discuss the complete procedure of stem cell therapy for hair loss.

About the Stem Cell Therapy

  1. In humans, hair grows out of the follicles cell present on the scalp. Generally, new hair growth is affected by the damaged or dead follicles. However, it has now been discovered that these damaged or dead follicles can be stimulated by the use of stem cells. When transplanted onto the scalp these stem cells can regrow new follicles thus growing new hair.
  2. A Solution which is enriched with stem cell is injected onto the scalp. These aides in influencing the hair follicles to situate themselves, and create the correct way. It advances hair development and fights baldness.
  3. As we age, the follicles tend to weaken and stop stimulating to the chemical signals sent to it; this obstructs the procedure of hair growth. The transplanted stem cells transmit chemical signals to the weaken follicles. This, as a result, helps in hair growth.
  4. This therapy also helps in improving the quality and texture of hair along with regrowth of natural hair.
  5. This hair treatment is one of the safest treatments with absolutely no side effects. Depending upon the stage and amount of hair loss 2 to 6 sittings are required. Since this is an invasive treatment mild pain during injection procedure it quite normal.

Stem Cell Therapy: The Process

The whole process can be understood very easily.  If someone has moderate hair loss, the complete process can be completed only in two sittings. In the first stage of the treatment, some of your hair follicles will be taken by the doctor. Then these hair follicles will be cultured and processed to produce more stem cells in a specially designed lab.

If 500 hair follicles are taken from you, about 1 lakh hair follicles will be developed in the lab. After around 15-20 days the doctors will execute the 2nd stage of the treatment. In this stage, all the processed follicles will be transplanted into your scalp.


This is how simple the process of stem cell therapy is. This treatment is surely a leap forward and will help in re-growth of hair rather than treatments where hair follicles are transplanted from one a part in the scalp to the next. People of every age can benefit from this futuristic and innovative medical research.


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Preeti Seth Managing Director and Founder of Pachouli. A nutritionist & cosmetologist by profession with a profound experience of more than 20 years in the field of health and wellness. She believes that Knowledge, Awareness, Balance and Strength are need to be in Harmony to achieve overall health and well-being She has combined her entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of Fitness & Wellness to establish Pachouli. Pachouli an initiative that aims to curate and promote wellness. Through this venture, she aims to foster a special connection between Pachouli and guests globally to ensure journey to be a personalised one.

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