Role of Dermal Fillers in Anti Aging Treatment

Aging causes numerous changes in the body including lack of muscle power and endurance. One of the most notable signs of aging that appears directly on the skin is wrinkles on the face. You can naturally enhance muscle power by exercising regularly, but it is complicated to eliminate wrinkles on the skin.

If you want to get rid of all the wrinkles from lips, nose, cheeks, and jawline, consider dermal fillers as your anti-aging treatment.

Dermal filler is an anti-aging treatment where a special gel is injected into the desired area to tighten the skin. One of the best thing about this treatment is that it provides long-lasting results. A normal dermal filler treatment lasts for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, depending on your skin quality. The permanent dermal fillers are known to last for up to 5 years which makes it one of the most effective anti-aging treatments.

When it comes to its role in anti-aging, then the gel is directly injected in the skin area where there are wrinkles and folds. You can use this treatment to bring back your old and wrinkle-free lip, cheeks, and chin skin. Apart from making your skin look younger, it also provides a hydrating effect which keeps the skin moisturized and improve the skin tone. Moreover, it can also counter the effects of sun damage on the skin and makes your skin smoother.

One of the worst things about aging is that the loose skin could change the shape of the face. Aging could reduce the volume of the face and cheekbones which does not look appealing at all. With the help of dermal fillers, you can get back the volume on your face and cheekbones. This treatment will also lift your baggy skin to make your skin tight and smooth.

There are two types of dermal filler anti-aging treatments:

  1. natural dermal fillers
  2. synthetic dermal fillers.

As the name suggests, natural dermal fillers are similar to the natural gel in the body and possess a low risk of any side effects or allergies. When it comes to their results, then they provide instantaneous results, but their duration is not that great. A regular natural dermal filler treatment would last for anywhere between 3 months to 18 months.

During that time, the filler may fritter away due to which its results seem to decline. As such, you have to get the desired skin injected again with the filler so that you could uphold the results. Even though there are not many allergic reactions, but it could cause numerous side effects. One of the most common side effects is lumps on the skins.

When it comes to synthetic dermal fillers, experts make use of synthetic gel which does not wear away with time. Due to this, they are known to show effects for a more extended period than natural dermal fillers. Most of the synthetic dermal fillers stay effective for near to 5 years. Even though time does not affect the filler, but the growing skin could make you opt for this treatment thrice in a decade.

As these synthetic dermal fillers last for a longer period and do not go away with time, they have a potential risk of long-term damage to the skin. It is best that you go with an experienced dermatologist who knows the right measures to take while performing this treatment.

Your concern does not end with opting for the dermal fillers anti-aging treatment. You need to understand the do’s and don’ts for the skin after the treatment. A basic aspect to take care is not to expose the skin to sunlight. High quality sunscreens are recommended.


Dermal filler anti-aging treatment is an excellent method to bring back the lost smoothness and elasticity of your skin. It is your responsibility to find the right dermatologist and take necessary measures to keep your skin healthy, and the treatment will surely last for a longer period.


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