Myths about Hair Rebonding Everyone Should Know

Shiny, long, and lustrous hair is the desire of many girls. Not everyone is lucky. Stress, pollution, poor quality water and other things often impact our hair growth and quality. In an effort to enhance the appearance, a treatment called hair rebonding exists.

Hair rebonding is the process where heat and chemicals are applied to alter the structure of hair. While it became a trend in the last decade, lately you will see women a bit reluctant in trying out the hair rebonding process. The reason behind this decision is that they believe numerous myths about hair rebonding. Even though none of the myth comes from a reliable source, still they tend to believe in them.

In this article, we mention some of the most widely believed myths about hair rebonding to make you aware and take an informed decision whether you should go for hair rebonding or not.

#1 Hair Fall

Frequent hair fall can leave any person worried. One of the most widely believed myths about hair rebonding is that it will inevitably cause hair fall. People who claim this myth often support it with an explanation that the chemicals used in the process are the reason behind hair fall.

The truth is that hair fall is bound to happen no matter what. After rebonding, hair fall is more notable as they become more smooth and silky. There are other reasons behind hair fall, but it is sure that hair rebonding is not one of them.

#2 Regular Washing

Washing the hair regularly is necessary for better quality hair. People believe that daily hair washing is necessary after getting hair rebonding. Daily washing could wash away all the natural oils from the hair that keep them healthy. It is necessary when you are working in a field job where your hair may become vulnerable to pollution and dirt. If you are working most of the time indoors, then there is no need to wash hair daily.

#3 Itchy Scalp

The itchy scalp is another widespread myth about hair rebonding due to which most of the women are scared to go for it. The reasoning given to support this myth is the same as hair fall which is the use of numerous chemicals on the hair.

There is no denying the fact that hair rebonding requires the use of chemicals, but they do not cause itchy scalp. The only possible cause of itchy scalp could be allergies caused due to the chemicals. Therefore, it is sensible to first test the chemical on a patch of skin and then apply.

#4 Damage

The worst fear for any person is getting their hair permanently damaged. There are many sites on the internet that claim that hair rebonding could cause permanent hair damage. It all depends on certain factors including the quality of the chemicals used, the experience of the professional, and the technique of doing it. If you check all these factors before hair rebonding, then there is no chance that your hair will get damaged. Make sure to keep an eye on the products used on your hair and your hair will be safe for sure.

#5 Hair Becomes Long

Girls dream of long and straight hairs, but they do not get what they desire. It is widely believed that hair rebonding helps in gaining hair length. However, hair rebonding has nothing to do with the hair length. Even though this procedure could make the hair look longer, but the reason behind this extended length is that rebonding makes the hair entirely straight due to which they tend to appear longer than before.


These were some of the most extensively believed myths about hair rebonding that you should know. If you find anyone spreading such myths or not opting for hair rebonding due to such myths, then you should let them know the truth and help them in getting their hair better.


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Preeti Seth Managing Director and Founder of Pachouli. A nutritionist & cosmetologist by profession with a profound experience of more than 20 years in the field of health and wellness. She believes that Knowledge, Awareness, Balance and Strength are need to be in Harmony to achieve overall health and well-being She has combined her entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of Fitness & Wellness to establish Pachouli. Pachouli an initiative that aims to curate and promote wellness. Through this venture, she aims to foster a special connection between Pachouli and guests globally to ensure journey to be a personalised one.

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