How Does Potli Massage Therapy Work?

After the age of 30, often people tend to lose their bone strength which makes them vulnerable to injuries and pain. Additionally, they may also be diagnosed with specific bone-related conditions including arthritis and spondylitis. Among numerous other treatments, Potli Massage could be a wonderful choice. It is recognized in India and Thailand.

In this type of massage, numerous herbs are heated in pouches, and then they are applied to the desired area to provide relief from pain. One of the best things about this treatment is that they leave a therapeutic effect on the area which could provide a refreshing and nourishing feeling.

If you want to opt for this treatment, then you can visit any of your nearby spa or ayurvedic center. However, it is advised to check the experience that they hold which will help you in judging their massage quality.

Before you go for this massage, you should know all about it. Here, we mention the complete details about this massage and how it works on the body, in brief.

#1 Ingredients

As mentioned above, the potli massage therapy makes use of ayurvedic ingredients. These herbs could be dried, fresh or even the blend of both. When it comes to the list of ingredients, then it all depends on the purpose of its application and the ayurvedic technique used. You need to connect with an expert professional that will guide you about the ingredients that will be included in the therapy.

Some of the elements used in this massage are ashwagandha, turmeric, mustard, rosemary, and aloe vera. Some components may help in relaxing the muscles while others have anti-inflammation properties that could reduce the pain which is the reason why the ingredients are chosen on the basis of the purpose of this massage.

#2 Procedure

After deciding the ingredients that will be used in the massage, they are bundled in a muslin cloth. If you are going for a dry massage, then the potli will be dipped in sand or any other type of herbal powder. On the other hand, if you are going to get a wet massage, then the potli will be dipped into warm medicated oil.

#3 Working Mechanism

Potli massage therapy makes use of the traditional ayurvedic technique where the combination of heat and different herbs are used to make you feel better. Heat allows the body to open the pores which help the herbal ingredients to penetrate within. When the warm potli is applied to the skin, it opens its pores that allow the herbs to go into the muscles and helps them in relaxing.

#4 Benefits

One of the most notable benefits of potli massage therapy is that it helps in relaxing the muscles. In addition, it could also provide relief to people from pain caused by diseases like frozen shoulders, osteoarthritis, arthritis, and spondylitis. Apart from that, it could also help you in reducing muscle and bone inflammation. This treatment could help you in improving your blood circulation.

There are numerous salons and spas that offer potli massage. It is necessary to check the herbs that they use and their experience. Moreover, you should tell them about your problem for which you are choosing this massage. The reason behind this is that the herbs used in the treatment vary from condition to condition.


Potli massage is proven to provide relief from muscle pain and have an rejuvenating effect. By making the use of ayurvedic ingredients and body’s pressure points, it ensures that you get maximum relaxation from the massage.


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